Baptism is an essential part of a person’s faith journey. Through Baptism we are given the grace, Spirit and power to suppress the old self so that the new self may come forth and grow strong. If you’re interested in learning more about Baptism and what it means for you or if you’d like to schedule a Baptism, contact Stacy at 402.504.9039.

Scheduling a Baptism

Please note that you will first need to attend a Baptism Class consisting of 3 sessions.

Have the following information ready:

  • Possible dates you would like to have the baptism done
  • Approximate number of people you expect to attend so we can reserve seats
  • The sponsors’ names (not needed for adult baptism)

Baptism Day Details

The day of the baptism, please meet the deacon by the fountain on the north end of the main corridor of the Church 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. If you, or your child, are the only one being baptized during that service, the whole family may come forward to the baptismal font. If there are other baptisms during that service, then only your immediate family and sponsors will come forward to the baptismal font.

You will receive a baptismal napkin as a reminder of the purity given through the forgiveness of sins.
A lit candle will also be given to you as a symbol of the light of Christ that enters through baptism. (You may want to light the candle every year on the anniversary of your child’s baptism as a reminder that God has adopted him/her into His family).

    Helpful Tips for Baptism Day (with infants and little ones)

  • Please feed the baby before you come and bring a pacifier just in case.
  • If the baby is wearing a baptismal outfit, make sure you remove the hat before the baptism.
  • If you have the baby wrapped in a blanket, either remove the blanket altogether or use a small receiving blanket instead of a bulkier blanket.
  • Please do not use flash photography during the service. However, you are welcome to take flash pictures after the service.
  • Video cameras will not be allowed up on the platform in the back of the church. The camera angle from the floor is very good.
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