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Faith Legacy Series

At King of Kings, we believe it is very important to talk about faith at home. Our Faith Legacy Series gives parents the tools they need to successfully talk about faith at home with their kids from birth to high school. We offer fun classes, retreats and events for families to grow together also!

  • Phase One – Every two years of your child’s life, birth through 3rd grade – three sessions with other parents
  • Phase Two – Preteen Years – Mother/Daughter and Father/Son retreats
  • Phase Three – Teen Years – Evening seminars for teens and parents together

Baptism/Faith Chest:

Topics include: understanding the meaning and power of baptism; understand and use the power of a blessing in your child’s life; discuss how to help your child grow spiritually. This course culminates in the child’s baptism and speaking a blessing over the child. The optional 4th session involves assembling your child’s faith chest.

Questions? Contact Stacy Hall by email or at 402.504.9039

Parents of Two-Year-Olds: Picture Bible

Topics include: When and how to pray with your 2-year-old and use their new Bible; preparing for Kingdom Quest; and using the parenting style that best blesses your child.  Parents will give a picture Bible to their child during worship.

Parents of Four-Year-Olds: Worship Kit
January 8, 15 & 22, 2017. Blessing Event-January 29, 2017 at 11am
Topics include: What is Worship? Worship as Lifestyle; the Power of Media-what is filling your child’s mind? When and how to have devotions/worship with your 4 year old. Kids decorate their own Worship Kit, then dedicate it in a worship service in which Mom/Dad speak a blessing over them.

Parents of First Graders: Towel and Basin

Topics include: How to have devotions with your 1st grader; how to help your child learn to serve; and how to help your child learn to give. Parents will give a towel and basin to their child during worship.

Parents of Third Graders: First Bible

Topics include: How to have devotions with your 3rd grader; how to help your child use their new Bible; and understanding the Bible more yourself. Parents will give a Bible to their child during worship.

Fifth & Sixth Grade Girls and Mom/Female Sponsor: God’s Design For His Daughters—Mother/Daughter Retreat:
God’s Design for His Daughters is a special getaway for moms and their daughters to talk about critical issues they will face as adolescents. Major themes of the retreat are the physical changes of puberty, dealing with peer pressure, and what God’s Will is regarding His gift of sex. This retreat is held in The Haven. Register early, there are special preparations moms and dads need to make.

Fifth & Sixth Grade Boys and Father/Male Sponsor: God’s Plan for a Man—Father/Son Retreat.
God’s Plan for a Man is our annual overnight retreat for 5-6th Grade boys and their dads or male sponsors. Biblical heroes of faith are discussed: Joseph, David, and Jesus. God’s plan for sex is a key component. Flag football and Capture the Flag test the endurance and competitive spirit of aging fathers.

Seventh Graders and Parents: A Teenage Home Where Everybody Wins…and Nobody Kills Each Other

Seventh graders and their parents discuss how to build a foundation of mutual honor for their home during the teen years. Parents then leave and teens stay for Student Edge’s 7th grade fall Kick-off Lock-in!

Eighth Graders and Parents: So…What Has God Been Saying to You Lately
Wednesday, February 22
6:30 – 7:45pm

Eighth graders and parents will watch a video by Pastor Ryan Peterson who will challenge you to 1) own your own faith, and 2) grow in your personal relationship with God. Parents will give their child a journal as a blessing object that night.

Ninth Graders and Parents: A Teenage Home Where Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word*
Wednesday, January 18
6:30 – 7:45pm


Parents, your ninth graders need you to believe in them enough to help them set protective boundaries around their relationships with the opposite sex. A video by Jeff and Debby McElroy, nationally known speakers, will be shown. This will be an extraordinary evening of laughter, wisdom, and Godly support. During the evening parents will present their teen(s) with a purity ring while speaking a blessing over them.

*Parents don’t be scared of the title of this session. This is not a sex-ed class. It is a honest discussion about purity and boundaries.

Tenth/Eleventh Graders and Parents: Enjoy the Ride! More than Just a Driver’s License
Wednesday, February 1
6:30 – 7:45pm

Tenth graders and their parents consider the freedom and responsibility that come with driving privileges. A video by Bob Lenz, who spoke on tour with the Newsboys this past spring and who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of teens will be shown. Blessing object parents will give their 10th graders: key ring/chain.

Eleventh Graders and Parents: Keeping God in Relationships
Wednesday, February 8
6:30 – 7:45pm

This evening seminar is for high school juniors and their parents. A Rob Rienow video will focus on three types of relationships: same-sex friends, opposite-sex friends, and dating with an eye toward marriage. Parents will speak a blessing over their eleventh graders during the event that evening and give them a special Mountain Climber’s Carabineer. Dinner is included.

Twelfth Graders and Parents: Leaving Home With A Faith That Sticks
Wednesday, February 15
6:30 – 7:45pm

This is an evening seminar for high school seniors and their parents. A Chap Clark, author, international speaker, and observer of cultural trends, video will help seniors prepare for life after high school. We will talk about those first exciting life-steps after high school and the truly important things you’ll want to take with you. Parents will speak a blessing over their Twelfth graders. Blessing object: Blanket made by King of Kings’ Sacred Stitches Ministry. Dinner is included.

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