Student Edge

At Student Edge we come together to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We come from a variety of backgrounds: some of us play sports; some of us are musical; we dance; we act; some of us have a mom and dad at home; some of us don’t; we relate to each other; and we are looking for something more in this world.

But there’s one thing we have in common: We are broken people on a journey with Jesus Christ who has claimed us and redeemed us as His own. Everyone begins the journey in a different place, with different obstacles, and with different family situations, but we are committed to moving forward together and not standing still in our faith.

Student Edge Summer Wednesdays

Every Wednesday night, beginning June 14, we will meet for dinner and devotions and some fun games and activities between 6:30-8pm. This is a great time to grow relationships, laugh together and be encouraged spiritually.

Have questions? Contact Mike.

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