Sr. High

Here at King of Kings we realize that this generation of teenagers is fundamentally different than any other generation before them. They think more globally, are cause driven and are more connected through technology than any generation that has gone before them. We see great value in these things and invite you to join us in our core worship on Sundays at 9:20am in The Haven.


We also offer small groups and prayer sessions for more one on one growth. We offer opportunities such as mission trips, spirit-filled conferences, and work to spread Jesus’ love with our family and friends!

Wednesday night discipleship for Senior High meets in the Well.  Here’s what the evening will look like:

5:30pm – Dinner begins to be served.  Come any time before 6:30pm to grab some food.  You can either eat with your family in the courtyard area or bring your plate back to the Well and eat with other teens and leaders.

6:30pm – We formally begin.  We’ll do an activity for the first 15-minutes and then jump into our Small Groups and go through a study called Alpha in those groups.

7:45pm – Our target for wrapping things up.  You’re welcome to stick around afterwards for conversation, prayer, or play.


What are the dates for meeting this Fall?

What if I can’t come every week?
No worries!  If you miss a lesson or two, you’re not “behind”.  Each week is a new topic.

What if I’m going to be late every week – is it still worth it?
Of course!  The earlier start time is a concern for Senior High students.  We understand that.  Even 45-minutes of group time is better than 0-minutes!

What’s it actually gonna look like each week?
We’ll start with some 9-Square or an equivalent, and then we’ll go into Small Groups.  Alpha Youth is a video-based experience with 5-7 minute clips to watch and then talk about.  The exciting part is that There is no lecturing!  We figure you would have had enough of that during the day.  Instead, you’re encouraged to share what’s on our mind.

Can I bring my friends?
Alpha is designed for inviting people who are on the fringes of Christianity (or even atheist) to come and be heard.  No one will need to worry about a wrong answer.  Please bring a friend with you who doesn’t have a church home!

We believe it’s vital to ask each family to engage twice a week with their local church – weekend worship & Wednesday night discipleship.

Upperclassmen – if you’ve been marching through your Senior High years and have never gotten connected in Student Edge, this is your time!  It’s the perfect opportunity to come and meet some guys/girls who can become amazing friends and walk together with Jesus.

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